Ari Pakman

Ari Pakman
Statistics and Machine Learning
Statistical Neuroscience
  • Spike Sorting Using the Neural Clustering Process
    Yueqi Wang, Ari Pakman, Catalin Mitelut, JinHyung Lee and Liam Paninski
    Real Neurons & Hidden Units Workshop @ NeurIPS 2019 [poster]
  • Bayesian sparse regression analysis documents the diversity of spinal inhibitory interneurons
    Mariano Gabitto*, Ari Pakman*, Jay Bikoff*, Larry Abbott, Thomas Jessell, and Liam Paninski
    Press release
    Cell, 2016
  • Bayesian Inference and Online Experimental Design for Mapping Neural Microcircuits
    Ben Shababo, Brooks Paige, Ari Pakman, and Liam Paninski
    NIPS, 2013
  • Bayesian spike inference from calcium imaging data
    Eftychios A Pnevmatikakis, Josh Merel, Ari Pakman, and Liam Paninski
    Asilomar Conference on Signals, Computers and Systems, 2013
  • Fast state-space methods for inferring dendritic synaptic connectivity
    Ari Pakman, Jonathan Huggins, Carl Smith, and Liam Paninski
    Journal of Computational Neuroscience, 2014 Jun; 36(3):415-43.
  • Preprints
    Theoretical Physics and String Theory (arxiv)