Jan Vecer

Associate Professor

Department of Statistics
Columbia University
1255 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY 10027-5904

Email: vecer [at] stat.columbia.edu

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I work in various areas within the fields of Financial Statistics, Financial Engineering and Applied Probability. These areas include
Option Pricing, Optimal Trading Strategies, Stochastic Optimal Control, and Stochastic Processes.

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Mathematical Finance (academic journals):
Mathematical Finance (professional journals):
Applied Probability:
Quantitative Analysis in Sports:


Present Courses:

No courses.

Past Courses:

W4105: Probability (Spring 2006)
W4150: Introduction to Probability and Statistics (Falls 2002-03)
W4606: Elementary Stochastic Processes (Springs 2003-04)
W4835: Stochastic Processes for Finance (Springs 2009-10)
W6501: Stochastic Processes and Applications I (Falls 2001-02, 04-06, 09, Spring 2008)
G6505: Stochastic Methods in Finance (Springs 2002-05, 08-10, Falls 2005-06)
G7010: Topics in Risk (Spring & Fall 2006, coorganizer)
W7040: Statistics in Sports (Spring 2006, 08)
G8273: Topics in Mathematical Finance (Spring 2005, Fall 2008)
G8275: Management of Extreme Financial Events (Fall 2006)
G9003/G9004: Seminar in Advanced Probability (Falls 2001&2003, Springs 2002&2004)

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Grant Support


Articles related to the study of Maximum Drawdown (the largest drop in the market) in the relationship with portfolio insurance:
Here is a report that appeared on 12/18/2006 on the N-TWO Capital Market website
Here it got mentioned in the 01/22/2007 issue of the Derivatives Week
Here is an article from the 06/18/2007 issue of Barron's

Inventor of Tennis Analyser, featured technology of Columbia University
Here is a related article about it in the 09/18/2006 issue of the Business Week

Associate Editor of the Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports

Co-organizer of the conference Computational Finance with R
Chairman of Columbia JAFEE Conference 2010
Early Summer School of Quantitative Finance 2010, Prague

Erdos Number: 4 (Erdos -> Berger -> Soner -> Shreve -> Vecer)