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Project Topic: The statistical evolution of JK Rowling's writing compared to other English-language writers

Project Members:

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Project Summary:

Teacher's comments

In this project, random sentences were sampled from J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter book series and the words in each sampled sentences are categorized. Peter Y was primarily interested in adverbs, inspired by a comment from Stephen King. In this study, Peter Y studied the time trend of adverbs in the sequence of HP books and compared JKR's usage of adverbs to Stephen King's. The results are not significant due to the small sample size (after all JKR only wrote 6 books so far). However, there is one thing that we could compare. Given the adverbs we sampled, what is the number of different adverbs used? S. King's comment was primarily about the fact the JKR uses a lot of different adverbs.

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