Unless otherwise noted, all seminars are from 12:00-1:00 in Rm. 903 School of Social Work Building. Lunch starts at 11:40am in the 10th floor lobby.
If you're interested in presenting in the seminar, please contact Tyler. Visitors are welcome! If you're not a statistics department faculty member or doctoral student please contact Tyler so that arrangements can be made for lunch.
For more information about the student seminar, you can check out the schedule from last semester.

Semester Schedule

January 27

-Academic interviews panel, faculty speakers (presentation)

February 3

-Steve Mintz, Columbia University GSAS Teaching Center

February 10

-Emily Fox, Duke University (abstract)

February 17 (joint with Statistical Methods in Neuroscience Focus Series)

-Hernando Ombao, Brown University

February 24

-Duncan Watts, Yahoo Research

Thursday, March 4, Noon (Special time)

-Nancy Geller, National Institutes of Health

March 10

-Jason Smerdon, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University
-Reconstructing Climate Fields During the Common Era Using Multivariate Linear Regression Methods: Motivations, Challenges, and Alternatives

Thursday, March 11, Noon (Special time)

-Eric Kolaczyk, Boston University
-Drug target prediction: Finding biological needles in a haystack of networks (abstract)

March 17

-Spring recess, no seminar

March 24

-No seminar (job search candidate)

March 31

-Mark Brown, City College, CUNY and Columbia University (abstract)

April 7

-Writing for publication panel discussion
-Richard Davis, David Madigan

April 14

-Preserving student research in Columbia’s online repository
-Sarah Holsted, Columbia University Libraries

April 21

-Starting an academic career
-Dan Rabinowitz, Matt Schofield

April 28

-End of semester event
-Voting for new student representative and seminar organizer!