NR/ST 523 Quantitative Spatial Statistics

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Robin Reich , Dept of Forest Sciences
124 Forestry, 1-6980

Richard Davis , Dept of Statistics
102A Statistics Building, 1-7321

Catalog Description: 03(3-0-0). Techniques in spatial statistics: point pattern analysis, spatial autocorrelation, trend surface and spectral analysis.

Prerequisite: ST 301, ST 307/EH 307, or ST 309.

Objectives: The primary objective of this course is to provide a basic understanding of the main techniques used for a variety of different types of spatial data. These include spatial point patterns, regional and lattice data, and irregularly spaced data on a surface.

Computing: Students will receive hands-on experience analyzing spatial data through the statistical package S-PLUS . These programs are accessible from a number of computers on campus.

Required Text: A course manual, Quantative Spatial Statistics (1-23-03) that can be purchased from the bookstore, will be required.

T,Th: 11:00--12:15, 006 Statistics Building
Office hours: TBA