ST 430: Probability and Mathematical Statistics II
Spring 2007

About grading, exams etc

Final Grade

Your final course grade consists of the following components: (i) homework, (ii) 3 midterms and (iii) 1 final exam. The grade break down is:

Grade Breakdown (to be confirmed)

Item % of grade Comments
Homework 15% lowest homework grade dropped
Two midterm exams 25% each
(50% total)
the week of February 19-23
the week of April 2-6
One final exam 35% 05/10 Thurs, 1:30-3:30am


All exams will be closed book. For each midterm exam, you may bring a single 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of paper (you can write on both sides) with whatever facts, formulas, or explanations you find helpful. For the final exam, you can bring 2 formula sheets. The final exam will be comprehensive. You may use a calculator on all exams.


Each assignment is worth a particular number of points, but course grades are computed on a percentage basis. For example: if you receive 18 points out of 20 possible on homework 1, your homework 1 grade is 90%.

Grades for ST430 will be assigned on a curve with the following minimum guarantees:

Percentage Course Grade
90% and up A- and above
80 to 89.9% B- to B+
70 to 79.9% C- to C+
60 to 69.9% D
below 60% F

It is possible that the curve could be easier, so that lower scores may merit these letter grades.

Course Policies

I encourage students to discuss problems in broad, conceptual terms and to work together to solve any problems where the answer is in the back of the book. However, any work turned in must be your own.

Any form of academic dishonesty will be given the most severe penalty possible. Cheating includes representing the ideas of anybody except yourself as your own ideas. The minimum penalty I am required to enforce by departmental policy is a zero for the homework assignment or examination.