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Recent Publications of Philip Protter:


Note: Papers not yet published are available either on arXiv or on SSRN

  • (with K. Shimbo) No Arbitrage and General Semimartingales, Markov Processes and Related Topics: A Festschrift for Thomas G. Kurtz, IMS Lecture Notes–Monograph Series 4, 267–283, 2008
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  • (with R. Jarrow and S. Pulido) The Effect of Trading Futures on Short Sales Constraints, Published online in Mathematical Finance, 2012 (DOI: 10.1111/mafi.12013)
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  • (with Y. Kchia) On Progressive Filtration Expansions with a Process; Applications to Insider Trading, submitted for publication, 2013
  • (with R. Jarrow) Relative Asset Price Bubbles, submitted for publication to Mathematical Finance, 2013
  • Strict Local Martingales with Jumps, submitted for publication, 2013