2010-11 Special Focus Series: Applied Statistics in the Sciences
Department of Statistics
Columbia University

Organizers: Andrew Gelman, Martin Lindquist, David Madigan, and Daniel Rabinowitz,
in collaboration with the Columbia Applied Statistics Center.


6/20/10 - We have just launched our 2010-11 special focus! Watch this website for exciting developments


During 2010-11 the Department of Statistics at Columbia University is offering a special focus series dealing with Applied Statistics in the Sciences. This special focus series will feature a seminar series, a visitor program, and one or more workshops focusing on rapidly growing connections between statistics and a broad array of sciences.


Throughout the year the department will host a series of events. These events include:
  • Computational Methods in Applied Sciences Workshop
    • Coming in September!
      Scientific computation has been an important topic in many disciplines. This workshop focuses on the recent advances in efficient computational methods and their applications to applied sciences. Specifically, the topics of the workshop include analyses of Markov chain Monte Carlo, sequential Monte Carlo, particle methods, asymptotic theory and approximations. A list of applications includes astronomy, biology, chemistry, engineering, finance, and social sciences.

  • A bi-weekly seminar series.

  • A visitors program.
    • A series of two-week visits for collaborations and short courses.

  • Teaching special topics courses.

  • A workshop on Statistical Challenges in Big Science.

Please return to this page often for an updates.


We invite all interested parties both within and outside of the University to take part in the Special Focus Series. If you would like to take advantage of our visitors program please contact any of the organizers.


The Department of Statistics at Columbia University offers an annual year-long special focus series covering various statistical topics. This series may include a visitors program, seminar series, wrap-up workshop and a journal special issue. The goal of the series is promote interdisciplinary research on campus and more broadly.