Selected teaching and seminars

STAT8285: Statistical analysis of neural data (Columbia, Spring 2007,9,11,12)
STAT6104: Computational statistics (Columbia, Spring 2012,13)
STAT4109: Probability and Statistics (double course) (Columbia, Fall 2006-10)
STAT4315: Linear regression models (Columbia, Spring 2006)
STAT4107: Introduction to mathematical statistics (Columbia, Fall 2005)
Graduate Neuroscience Course; Neural coding theory (Gatsby, Fall 2004)
Advanced European computational neuroscience course (Obidos, Portugal, Summer 2004)
Behavioral and integrative neural science undergraduate lab (TA) (NYU, Spring 2002)
Statistical analysis and modeling of neural systems graduate seminar (NYU, Spring 2002)
Graduate Lab in Neural Science II; Electrophysiology (TA) (NYU, Spring 2001)
Statistical methods seminar (NYU, 2001-2003)

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