Information for prospective students

I'm always looking for good students (both graduate students and committed, well-prepared undergraduates) to collaborate with. See this recent review article for more information on some of the projects we're thinking about recently. If you're interested, or have a related project in mind that I might be able to contribute to, please contact me by email.

If you're interested in graduate work on neural coding or statistics at Columbia, check out the opportunities available at the Department of Statistics and the Center for Theoretical Neuroscience. Note that I do not accept students to my lab directly; instead, you should first apply to one of the graduate programs at Columbia.

See here for open postdoctoral positions.

Finally, the Center for Theoretical Neuroscience has several nice postdoc positions. Fellowship recipients are free to collaborate with any of the neurotheory center's faculty members without being committed to any one in particular.

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