Data from examples in Bayesian Data Analysis.  References to tables, figures, and pages are to the second edition of the book except where noted.  We thank Kjetil Halvorsen for pointing out a typo.

The book includes the following data sets that are too large to
effortlessly enter on the computer.

Football scores and point spreads (Figure 1.1)

Kidney cancer death rates by county (Section 2.8)

Pre-election polling data (Exercise 2.21)

Election results (Exercise 2.21)

Speed of light measurements (Figure 3.1)

Rat tumors (Table 5.1)

Clinical trials of beta-blockers (Table 5.4)

Three-way data from a psychology experiment (Figure 6.6)

Results from stratified sampling (Table 7.2)

Cow feed experiment (example on page 222-223; Table 7.5 of first edition)

Telephone survey responses by number of phone lines and household size (Table 7.8)

Cities and towns of New York State (Section 9.3; Section 18.3 of first edition)

Congressional elections and incumbency (Section 14.3; Section 8.4 of first edition)

Forecasting Presidential elections (Section 15.2; Section 13.2 of first edition)

Factorial experiment (Table 15.2; Table 13.2 of first edition)

Contingency table from a sample survey (Table 16.2; Table 14.2 of first edition)

Faults in fabric (Table 16.4; Table 14.4 of first edition)

Pre-election polls from 1988 and Census summaries from 1990 (Section 16.6)

Reaction times of schizophrenics and others (Figure 18.1; Figure 16.1 of first edition)

Serial dilution assays (Section 20.2)

Golf putting (Table 20.1)

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