All homework is due at midnight (12am) on the date indicated. Proposals are to be printed and handed-in before class on the date indicated. Proposals should include, in the list of authors, the name of the TA or instructor that has been assigned to your group.

Homework Data Due Date Notes
HW 1   2/9  
HW 2   2/28  
Proposal Resubmit   3/6  
HW 3   3/27  
HW 4   4/12  
HW 5   4/26  
Term: Spring 2012
Time: Tu-Th, 6:10pm-7:25pm
Location : TBA
Professor: Frank Wood
Room 1017
School of Social Work
Office Hours:
Tu 7:25pm-8:25pm
420 Pupin
Jingjing Zou
W: 10:30am-12pm SSW 902 W: 6-8:30pm SSW 902