Big Picture

W4240 is a master’s / advanced undergraduate level course in data mining, pattern recognition, and statistical machine learning. W6240 is the same but for PhD’s. Extra work will be required of the PhD students.

High Level Syllabus

This course will be divided into roughly six parts, five structured, the sixth, a grab bag which may include presentations from other faculty and students who specialize in particular techniques. Each section except the last will be accompanied by a programming project. The subject of the programming project is listed below the topic for each section.

Miscellaneous Course Information

Term: Spring 2011
Time: Tu-Th, 6:10pm-7:25pm
Location : Pupin 412
Professor: Frank Wood
Room 1017
School of Social Work
Office Hours:
Tu 5-6pm
in classroom
TA: Nicholas Bartlett
Room 1023
School of Social Work
Mo 4-6pm
Room 1025
School of Social Work