Final Project Instructions

The final project is meant to be a significant piece of work that demonstrates your data mining / statistical machine learning knowledge on a problem domain of interest to you (and hopefully also of interest to a larger academic, governmental, or industry community). The deliverables include a (2 (preferred) - 3 (max) page proposal (single space, 11pt font, single column – formatting instruction below)); a short, publication-quality paper (4 (preferred) - 6 (max) pages, same format); and a 10-20 minute presentation. You will fail to complete a satisfactory final project if you wait until the last minute to begin the project.

Schedule :

Paper formatting materials

Latex (yes!) is preferred for formatting your proposals and papers. Included here are a number of files that will be extremely useful to you in preparing a properly formatted paper.

Instructions for use : download all of the files to a single folder then run “pdflatex main; bibtex main; pdflatex main; pdflatex main.” This will produce a file “main.pdf.” Edit main.tex to include elements related to your final project. Google extensively to learn latex. Math symbols are particularly easy to look up.

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