June 20, 2005
Columbia University
Statistics Department
Causal Inference Meeting


Elizabeth Stuart, Mathematica Policy Research.
"Matching methods for estimating causal effects using multiple control groups"

Dylan Small, University of Pennsylvania.
"Bounds on Causal Effects in Three-Arm Trials with Non-compliance"

Marshall Joffe, University of Pennsylvania.
"Defining and estimating intervention effects for groups who will develop an auxiliary outcome"

Kosuke Imai, Princeton University.
"Randomization Inference with Natural Experiments: An Analysis of Ballot Effects in the 2003 California Recall Election"

Constantine Frangakis, Johns Hopkins University.
"Designs and partially controlled studies"

Zhiqiang Tan, Johns Hopkins University.
"A distributional approach for causal inference using propensity scores"


Columbia University

Samantha Cook
Rajeev Dehejia
Andrew Gelman
Jennifer Hill
Shigeo Hirano
Martina Pavlicova
Eva Petkova
James Robins
Michael Sobel

University of Pennsylvania

Elaine Zanutto
Michael Elliott
Zhen Chen


Samantha Cook
Andrew Gelman