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Samantha R. Cook, Ph.D.
I work at google now!

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I work on search quality at google's New York office. Used to be a post-doc in the Statistics Department at Columbia University, working with Andrew Gelman. I received my Ph.D. in Statistics from Harvard University in 2004 an my BS in Mathematics and Statistics at The University of Michigan in 1999 (with Tom Brady).


My main research interests are missing data, causal inference, and Bayesian methods. Current research projects include systematically debugging Bayesian model-fitting software, multiple imputation of missing outcomes in the Anthrax vaccine clinical trial, and using historical information to model disease progression. I've been involved with applied projects in anthropology and psychology, including long-term collaboration with psychologists at McLean Hospital on schizophrenia research. I'm just starting to work on trying to make surveys less painful by using regression modeling in place of/in addition to weighting.

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Research Software

BayesValidate: R package for testing Bayesian model-fitting software (read the associated paper here)
(Updated August 19, 2005)

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