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The tentative schedule is

Date Topic Reading Group Leader
Sep 17 Variational Bayes Tutorial: Part I Matt Hoffman
Sep 24 Variational Bayes Tutorial: Part II PRML: Chapter 10 Matt Hoffman
Oct 1 Variational Bayes Tutorial: Part III Blei, Ng and Jordan (2003) Matt Hoffman
Oct 8 Bayesian Clustering with Ranked Distances Lacerda (2010) (optional) Gustavo Lacerda
Oct 15 Variational Inference for Dirichlet Processes Mixtures Blei and Jordan (2006) David Pfau
Oct 22 No meeting - NY Machine Learning Symposium
Oct 29 The Indian Buffet Process Griffiths and Ghahramani (2005) Sections 1-4 Nick Bartlett
Nov 5 The Indian Buffet Process G&G(2005) Sections 5,6 David Pfau
Nov 12 Tree-structured Stick Breaking Processes Adams, Ghahramani and Jordan (2010) Nick Bartlett
Nov 19 Slice Sampling Neal (2003) and Walker (2006) Nick Bartlett
Nov 26 No Meeting - Thanksgiving
Dec 3rd Bits-back Coding Honkela and Valpola (2004) David Pfau

The schedule is tentative and likely to change as the reading group evolves. Each session will have a group leader assigned, but this person is not responsible for creating a polished presentation of the reading material, only to help lead the group and provoke discussion.